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Making connections and forming friendships by sharing a book across the entire University.

Announcing our new anthology!

Napier Big Read is our shared reading scheme at Edinburgh Napier. Run by MSc Publishing staff and students, and using books to bring people together. This year, we are launching a brand new initiative where students and staff are invited to contribute to a new Anthology.

The finished book will be published by our own publishing imprint (Merchiston Publishing) and copies will be distributed across the University.

This is a bold and innovative project – it will be the first time any university has collected, recorded and published the experiences of its community during a pandemic. It will be a snapshot of an extraordinary year; an archive for the future. It will allow us to understand each other’s perspectives and come together. Crucially, our Anthology will act as a reminder that none of us are alone.

We invite you to get involved and submit your work for inclusion in our Anthology.

Staff and students at Edinburgh Napier University, we want to hear from YOU!

Submissions are now open for our new Anthology.

Please submit to this form
Deadline: upload your submissions before midnight on 23 March 2021.
(If this is not finalised, please upload a draft or idea. There will be time during the editing process to amend this, if your idea is selected.)

Full details here: Submissions Guidelines

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