2017/18 – Detective McLevy’s Casebook

In 2017/18 our Big Read is Detective McLevy’s Casebook.

The book was originally published by MSc Publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University – so this year we have a truly student-centred focus!

Students have not only published the book, but across the University students on all courses on all 3 campuses are being encourage to #GetInvolved and contribute ideas. The ENSA have been incredibly supportive. Students are at the very heart of this year’s Napier Big Read.

The collection of short stories were written by Edinburgh’s first real detective, James McLevy, based on his service years between 1830 and 1860. Detective McLevy is said to be the real-life inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes!

There are 15 true crime stories in our collection:

  • The Conjuror
  • The Handcuffs
  • The Swan
  • The Pirates
  • The Look-out
  • The Hay-seeds
  • The Blood-stained Moleskin
  • The Belfast Keys
  • The Ash-backet
  • The Whisper
  • The Ingenuity of Thieves
  • The Orange Blossom
  • The Sea Captain
  • The Half-crowns
  • The Society Box

In addition, the book cover features an original design by Scottish illustrator Iain McIntosh. Iain is famous for his work on the Alexander McCall Smith books, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. Iain’s previous work can be seen here.

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