Staff Views: Dr. Sandra Cairncross – Assistant Principal and University Lead on the Big Read

Welcome to our new section, Staff Views! Through this space, you’ll get to meet key figures from Edinburgh Napier Big Read staff. This week, we start off with a bang! Dr. Sandra Cairncross has been working behind the scenes clearing the way for the student team to bring the #NapierBigRead and Detective McLevy’s Casebook to you all. Today she’s speaking on why she loves the scheme, and why you should all #GetInvolved.

What excites you about the Big Read? 

I’m an avid reader and am a member of a book group. I enjoy our monthly discussions and for me the Big Read is a book group writ large. I really like the idea of a large number of people reading the same book and then discussing it.

Why do you think the benefits of the Big Read scheme are for all students and staff, not just those who are already book lovers or studying literature? 

One benefit is that it may encourage students and staff who don’t normally read literature or read different genres to give it a go so they can join in the conversation and then be encouraged to read other books.

Another benefit is that it can bring people to together to share and discuss and common experience, and who knows, maybe some participants will be inspired to start their own book groups!

Why do you think Detective McLevy’s Casebook is a good choice for this year’s Big Read? 

I love the fact that it is set in Edinburgh and so can help us get to know the city better. I think this is something which appeals to long-time residents and those who have moved here more recently to work and study.

I also think it being a collection of short stories can be beneficial in persuading someone who doesn’t normally read literature or this genre to at least give one story a try.

What message would you pass on to new readers of Detective McLevy’s Casebook?  

Set aside time to read and focus on the book, think about what you liked/disliked, and talk to others about your thoughts on the book.

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