Meet our team: Damarys Campos – Website Manager & Graphic Designer

It’s Monday, which means another ‘Meet Our Team’! This week we have Publishing postgrad student Damarys Campos, our website manager and graphic designer. She’ll talk about her roles in this year’s #NapierBigRead, how to get involved, and what to look forward to in Detective McLevy’s Casebook

Describe your role in the Big Read? What is it that you do?

I’m the website manager, which means handling the webpage where you’re reading this very interview. I organise, style, and sometimes write the content that’s created for the Big Read. On the other hand, I’m also the graphic designer. I create the visuals needed for the project. Some of these include the website banner, the profile images used in the ‘Meet Our Team’ interviews, the email signature, and more.

Why did you decide to volunteer for the Big Read scheme?

I was really excited to take part on a project of this scale. I loved the idea of the whole university community reading the same book together. Being able to take part of the planning and execution of the Big Read has been a valuable learning experience.   

Why do you think this project is important for the university?

It’s very special when a group of people can unite and share something together, and the Big Read is a perfect example of this. This year, through Detective McLevy’s Casebook, students and staff alike can experience the book together, start a conversation, and get to know about the real-life inspiration behind the well-known Sherlock Holmes.

Why should students be enthusiastic about the Big Read?

First of all, and most importantly, you get the book for free! Who doesn’t love free things, especially books? With this one in particular, you’ll get to explore Victorian Edinburgh through the cases Detective McLevy investigated. And, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you could even visit some of the places where the stories take place.

How can students get involved?

Right now, you can take part by donating a book at the Big Read Bookcases that are placed throughout all three campuses. Make sure to do it soon! They’ll only be up until the 14th of February. Also, be sure to follow NapierBigRead on social media to get notified of all the great things coming your way soon.

Just for fun, what’s your favourite book?

My favourite book is Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie. It has mystery,  a secret organization, espionage, and Poirot’s unique wit. The copy I own is very special to me. It was printed in 1955 and gifted to me by one of my closest friends.

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