Meet our team: Bethany Kyle – Social Media Manager

With this year’s #NapierBigRead well underway, the Big Read team has been dedicated to promoting this year’s book, Detective McLevy’s Casebook. Our Social Media Manager, and current MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier, Bethany Kyle, gives us an insight into her role and tells us why we should get involved in #NapierBigRead

Why did you decide to volunteer for the Big Read scheme?

I volunteered for the Big Read because I was excited about it! Not only does it offer the chance to receive a free book – every booklover’s favourite thing – it offers the chance to get to know people outside of your course. In my last university, we didn’t have a community event and it is exciting to now study at a university that offers that.

Describe your role in the Big Read. What is it that you do?

My role is the Social Media Manager. Some of my management duties include liaising with my team to ensure each page is equally promoting the Big Read, engaging with tweets and analysing the statistics these tweets reach. As a team, we are keeping up to date with posting, liking, following – this is achieved through developing a social media strategy. It’s also my job to remain alert to what is going on with sites such as Twitter, or to anything that relates to #NapierBigRead, and then engage with that thread or trend. This means my phone needs to remain close to me, which isn’t usually a problem!

Why should students be enthusiastic about the Big Read?

We should be enthusiastic because this year’s book is based right here in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We can become literary tourists as many locations are mentioned and then we can visit. The Big Read is inviting people to fall in love with literature again. In a world that is fast-paced, books provide a sweet escape to relax from the pressure of life. They are a time-out zone.

What value do you think this project holds for the university? Why should people get involved?

This project holds so much potential for the Edinburgh Napier University. It puts it on the map as being a university that not only loves literature, but the city it lives in. And Edinburgh is recognised as a city of literature! Therefore, people should get involved, because you’ll be a part of something big.

How can students get involved?

Follow us on social media! We have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. Here you will be able to see the latest updates on what is going on, such as events and you can follow our hashtag #NapierBigRead. Look out for information on the screens around campus, even ask your lecturers what they know about the Big Read.

How do you find time to read for pleasure as well as keeping up with a full university timetable? Do you have any tips for other students?

I set aside some time each night to read a couple of chapters before I sleep. It helps me to unwind after being in class all day or completing assignments. Currently, I’m making way through Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and really enjoying it. So, my tip for those wishing to read but have a full-on course is, read little and read often. Pick up a book in your study breaks rather than your phone.

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