The gift of reading connects us all – donate your old books to homeless readers…

“Because a book is a place of escape and solace in a hard world.” – @streetreads

Bookcases NOW on all campuses at Edinburgh Napier University.

All staff and students are encouraged to donate books!

All your old books (read, in fairly good condition) are welcome (please consider suitability).

  • – crime and thriller tend to be very popular
  •  – non-fiction is always in demand
  • – always looking for different languages like Polish or Spanish (not all homeless are native English speakers)
  • – YA books (but not really looking for children’s books)
  • NOT looking for cookery books and books about jobs, office management (not relevant)
  • – chick lit is also not ideal (it is not relatable to homeless readers)

In short:

  • YES to crime and thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, classic literature, YA, general fiction (and not restricted to English language)
  • YES to poetry
  • YES to non-fiction (biography, music, etc)

If in doubt, donate what you can!

We will filter all book donations and distribute appropriately to the other charities we are working with.

Thank you for your support!

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